If you are seeking to apply to the Community First  Wibsey Ward Panel for funding then please ensure that your project meets at least one of the following Priorities for the first round:

* Improve the environment of Wibsey Park and green spaces.

* Increase the range of activities available for young people.

* Increase support for older residents.

* Support the local economy with employment opportunities and training.

* Improve the health and wellbeing of residents as well as unite communities      within the ward.

We welcome bids up to £1,000 based on at least one of these priorities and will fund both new and existing groups. However we actively encourage smaller bids that could be typically around £500 or less. In this round the panel has around £5,624 to allocate. The panel will make recommendations of which bids to support but as the rules are set by the government, the final decision on awarding the grant will be made by the Community Development Foundation (CDF). If you have a larger bid in mind please talk to us and we will try to help.Please refer to the ‘Apply for Community First Grant’ section for Application Guidelines and Application Form for more detail on how to communicate the ways in which your project will meet one or more of these priorities.

These priorities feed into the wider priorities of the Community First Programme, managed by CDF on behalf of Central Government. These are:

  • Support local projects that improve the quality of life for local people.
  • Promote a sense of ownership not only of problems but of local opportunities and resources.
  • Start more neighbourhood groups and revitalise existing groups.
  • Introduce a new approach to funding projects – leveraging time, money and other resources – helping neighbourhoods play a leading role in regenerating their area.

For more on the National Community First Programme please go to

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