Round 3 – Minutes of Panel Meetings

Wibsey Ward Panel Meeting

Wednesday 12th June 2013

City Hall

Panel Members Present: David Gibson (DG), Jennifer Gibson(JG) Lynne Smith (LS), Arnie Butterfield(AB), John Hanson(JH)                

Others: Nicola Midgley, Arshad Mahmood (AM) Neighbourhood Officer

Apologies Natalie Kershaw, Arnie Butterfield, Anne Jackson
Welcome LS apologised for the delay in circulating the agenda and supporting documentation. This was in part due to Ian Brewer leaving Bankfoot Partnership.
Minutes and Update Last minutes from 6th March 2013 were proposed as accurate by LS and seconded by JH, minutes were signed off DG.
Round 3 (2013-2014) Applications





























The meeting received an overview of the application for round 3.1 these totalled to £5100.


AB pointed out that the application from Sedburgh Community Centre was for Young at Heart Group Activities not for young people’s activities. This was duly noted by the meeting.


Two additional applications were submitted at the meeting that came in on time but not included in the overview.

These were the Netherlands Scouts and Salvation Army.


The application from the Salvation Army was tabled for £1000 and was in respect of a contribution towards the cost of a storage cupboard that would release a room to cater for additional young people’s activities. After a great deal of discussion the panel agreed and accepted approve the application.


The budget for round 3 is £8488 which includes an allowance for panel expenses.






Action For The Odsal Community

Odsal Friendly Group


Three & Five

Community Dialogue/

Let It Shine

Community Engagement Project



Faxfleet Residents Association

Families Days Out


Two & Five

Horton & Wibsey Bereavement Care Association

Printing and Distribution of Leaflets



Muff Field Cricket Club

Disabled Access to grounds and toilet block


Two, Three Five



Disabled Access and Toilet


Two & Five

Salvation Army

Community Room


Two & Five


Young At Heart


Three & Five





Panel Expenses No comments were made on this
Any Other business The panel was informed of events and meetings around the ward.
Next meeting Wednesday 11th September at Sedburgh Community Centre 10 am



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